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Center for Career Development

Resume Services

The Center for Career Development is pleased to review student and alumni resumes prior to submission for employment opportunities. For resume critiquing, please upload your resume to Handshake. Once approved, your resume will be available for application to open positions in the system, as well as the option to make your resume viewable to employers using the system. NOTE: Online resume reviews can take up to 10 business days.



Resume Sample (PDF)

Curriculum Vitae (CV) (PDF)

Transferable Skills Checklist (PDF)

Cover Letter Sample

Typically a resume is accompanied by a cover letter. The cover letter gives the job seeker a chance to articulate why they are interested in that company and tell a more focused story as to how they are qualified for the job in a more personable documentation. The cover letter is an additive needed for the recruiter to see a bit of your personality, as you explain why you are a good fit for that particular role.

Use this Cover Letter Sample as a guide to structure your cover letter.

Interview Preparation

Contact the Center for Career Development to schedule a mock interview appointment at or 706-507-8760. We can provide practice and tips for phone, skype, one-on-one, and panel interviews.

Interview Tips

In addition to researching the company and preparing to answer technical questions related to the job, you will need to prepare for behavioral questions.

Interview Resources

ReadyPrepInterview - Online interview resource with sample questions from ReadyPrepInterview