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Center for Career Development

Resume Services

The Center for Career Development is pleased to review student and alumni resumes prior to submission for employment opportunities.  For resume critiquing, please upload your resume to College Central .  Once approved, your resume will be available for application to open positions in the system, as well as the option to make your resume viewable to employers using the system. NOTE:  Online resume reviews can take up to 10 business days.


Resume Resources



Resume Sample          

Curriculum Vitae (CV)

Transferable Skills Checklist


Resume Components:

   1.  Contact Information:  Include your name, phone number, email address, and city and state where you live. List a phone number that you have access to and will answer in a professional manner. We recommend listing your CSU email address or a professional alternative address. For security purposes, list only your city and state, rather than your full street address. 

    2. Summary or Objective: If applying for a job or internship, a summary is recommended. A summary is 1-3 lines that tells the recruiter why you are an excellent candidate. The summary can highlight any combination of your education, skills, experience, or passion related to the job. If posting your resume publicly on an online job board, a specific objective may be useful to tell your reader what type of positions you are seeking. 

    3. Skills:  We recommend listing transferable and technical skills. Transferable skills are those that can be learned in one situation and transferred to any other situation, such as communication, organization, problem solving, creativity, etc. Technical skills pertain to specific knowledge, processes, or products (i.e. Microsoft Suite, GIS, SQL, MailChimp, etc.). The skills should be relevant to the work to which you are applying and verified by the experience listed.

    4. Education: This needs to include the degrees obtained already or in progress. High School information should NOT be listed once you are enrolled and started in a secondary school. Include expected graduation date or completion date, not time spent enrolled. Example: See Resume Sample links above.  

     5. Experience: List 3-5 bullet points to describe each position. Effective points include skills you developed, goals you exceeded, and major accomplishments. Start with action verbs and use descriptive wording. Quantify details when possible (i.e. numbers and percentages). When deciding what experience to list, consider ALL paid and unpaid work, projects, volunteering, organization involvement and/or long-term classroom assignments that have built the skills you would like to use in your next opportunity. Create multiple sections if needed based on your experience (i.e. Work Experience, Relevant Professional Experience, Teaching Experience, Volunteer Experience, Internship Experience). 

    6.  Community Involvement:  This section may include any additional volunteer or philanthropic activities. List this content based on estimated hours completed within the specific organization or association. Note that if you have done community service that has built skills/experience relevant to your career goals, that experience should be in the Experience section with bullets describing it. However, if the service given was not directly related, it is only important to highlight the time given to the organization. Example: American Heart Association (25+ hours) 2013-2015  or  Delta Phi Omicron (50+ hours) 2012-2016


Cover Letter Sample

Typically a resume is accompanied by a cover letter. The cover letter gives the job seeker a chance to articulate why they are interested in that company and tell a more focused story as to how they are qualified for the job in a more personable documentation. The cover letter is an additive needed for the recruiter to see a bit of your personality, as you explain why you are a good fit for that particular role.

Use this Cover Letter Sample as a guide to structure your cover letter.


Interview Assistance

This is the place for students and alumni to get interviewing tips and tricks. Schedule a phone or in-person appointment with a Career Development Specialist for live mock interview practice and feedback. We help with phone, one-on-one, and panel style interviews.

Practice before your interview! Contact the Center for Career Development to schedule a mock interview appointment at or 706-507-8760.


Interview Tips

You may have heard the saying, "The resume gets you the interview, but the interview gets you the job!", so never underestimate the importance of the interview. The interview is your greatest opportunity to sell the skills and qualities you have to offer an employer. In an interview, you want to exhibit confidence and enthusiasm about the career opportunity and demonstrate a desire to learn and work. The interview requires succinct communication of your skills and qualifications through the use of experience and examples.

Behavioral Questions (PDF) - interested in viewing sample behavioral-based interview questions, check this out.

Interview Quick Tips (PDF) - need to know more tips, check this out.


interview tips


Interview Resources


Glassdoor provides great information about company salaries, reviews and interview questions for thousands of companies.

On-line interview resource with sample questions from ReadyPrepInterview