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Center for Career Development

Center for Career Development

Recruiting at Columbus State University

Engage employers in connection to students for the purpose of experiential education and student skill development. This drives everything we do!


Stand out from the crowd...become a Partner with the Center for Career Development office at CSU.

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Ways to Recruit


                                Online Job Board/Resume Database                               On- Campus Interviews                                  Networking via Events


Important Documents to Reference

               Employer Services - need to know how our office can help with your companies recruiting needs, check this out.

               Internship Guidelines - starting a new internship and need to know how it works at CSU, check this out.

               Cooperative Opportunity (Co-op) Guidelines - starting a new co-op and need to know how it works at CSU, check this out.

               Externship Guide - interested in how to offer an externship for a CSU student, check this out.

  Are you recruiting International Students? For assistance and student connections, contact Janet Crane (


It is recommended not to recruit during these times of the year.

                First Day of Classes:  August 14 (Fall 2017), January 22 (Spring 2018) 

                Graduation Ceremonies:  December 15/16 & May 18/19

                Homecoming Week:  October 16-21, 2017

                Fall Break:  November 19 - 26, 2017

                Winter Break:  December 12, 2017 - January 22, 2018

                Spring Break:  March 17-23, 2018

                Final Exams:  December 6-11 (Fall 2017), May 8-14 (Spring 2018) 

                Summer Term/Break:  May 4 - August 13


It is Columbus State University policy to not permit job posting or on-campus recruiting of positions that meet any of the following criteria:

  • commission only positions
  • positions that require fees to start the position
  • 3rd party recruiters that charge a fee to applicants
  • entrepreneurial/direct sales employers
  • contacts that utilize personal email (ymail, gmail, etc.) as a business email


Thank You to our Center for Career Development Partners! 

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