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Center for Career Development

Job and Internship Fair Tips

Required to Enter the Job and Internship Fair:


Resume Assistance is a great resource to get prepared before the job fair. Your resume will be collected at the door, so bring 10+ resumes. Go by Schuster 102 to have your resume printed on FREE resume paper.

Profession Attire

Make an impressive first impression as you meet your future employer. You don't want to stand out in a negative way; plus you will not be admitted to the Career Fair until you are in appropriate professional dress. See below for Career Fair attire Do's and Dont's for Men and Women.

If in doubt, Google It! Research "career fair professional dress" to get additional ideas about professional attire.

Business casual vs professional attire graphic

Checklist Items

  • Eat some breath mints...not gum!
  • Groom well! Hair should be neat, not too much cologne/fragrance, use deodorant, iron your clothes!
  • Grab the business card or contact information of the recruiter you meet!
  • Create a list of those you want to visit to make the best use of time.
  • Take your photo off the resume, recruiters hate this...not to mention it's also a legal liability!
  • Afterwards, follow up with a thank you. Click below for thank you note tips.

Writing a Thank You Letter to an Employer (PDF)

More Career Fair Tips